Ian Schrauth

Ian Schrauth

Bestselling Author of The American Way and The Opportunity

About the Author

Bestselling author Ian Schrauth was born in St. Louis, Missouri on March 19, 1997. He is currently attending St. Louis Community College, where he is working towards his degree in Software Development and is a former Software Developer for one of the largest internet companies in the United States.

Ian is one of the first authors to write fictional stories with an AntiMLM (Anti Multi-Level Marketing) stance. His first AntiMLM book, The American Way, has been an Amazon Bestseller multiple times since its release in 2019. Ian?s first AntiMLM Romance novella, The Opportunity, was a #3 Amazon Hot New Release in Multi-Level Marketing, as well as a bestseller.

Stories also written by Ian include: The Girl with the fangs, A College Vampire Romance; The Vacillation Saga, a high school romance saga that includes stories of Multiple Point of Views; Next To You, An LGBT Erotic Novella; Beyond the veil, a guide to side hustles you can start over any Multi-Level Marketing Company, and several short stories, including Encounter, The Daydream, and Drag me down that intertwine in The Vacillation Saga, and The Shampoo Doxing, that includes Characters from The Opportunity.

Ian currently lives in Mehlville, Missouri.